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We have several females who will be expecting this year
Russian Blue
Lady and Zachariah






We have several females who will be expecting this year
Russian Blue
Lady and Zachariah






Torie and Tobey- 8 kittens- colors in blue, sable, platinum.

Scarlett- 1 male kitten in blue

India- 2 champagne males and 1 sable female

Pearl- 3 platinum males

We will be adding new pictures and information to our web
site from time to time. Please check back with us for


Zeta- Russian Blue
Zeta being judged at a show.

Zeta who is pictured above being judged, passed away this Fall at the age of 13 years.  She was our Russian Blue ambassador for our people who came to our home to pick out their kittens.  She did not understand why others wanted to look at kittens when they could admire and pet on her.  She also adored taking rides in the car.  She would ride on the back of the seat, in the windows or the lap.  She always got attention when she was in the window and unbelieving people who could not imagine a cat wanting to ride in a car.  Zeta also got to serve as a library cat for two weeks in an elementary school library.  Numerous kids thronged the library to see Zeta and hold her in their laps.  Zeta reached out her paws and her heart to lots of people and touched their hearts.  She will be greatly missed by her owners and admirers.  Rest in peace Zeta.


Russian Blue kitten all worn out

Russian Blue kitten

A blue burmese female kitten
I have been adopted!!!

Prairie Home Skeezix

Prairie Home Belle
I have been adopted!!!

We wil be having more kittens closer to Fall .  Please watch the website for updates.   Thanks. We have four litters of Burmese kittens at this time. There are both male and female kittens available.



Crystal's new burmese litter of blue and platinum

Harold and Jill have been raising the Russian Blue breed since 1995 and the Burmese breed since 1984.  Jill serves as the breed chairperson in ACFA for the Russian Blue breed and also is a member of the Burmese breed section in ACFA.
Our cats are a big part of our family and we hope that they become a part of the families that they are adopted in to.

Keep checking back for updates on our cats and kittens.
Please note that we no longer breed Abyssinians. 

Harold and Jill Hoffman