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Our beloved cats who have passed over to the memory bridge.

Here are our cats who have passed over to the Memory bridge. We loved them all very deeply and they all played a different part in our lives. They will be missed forever but not forgotten.


Prairie Home Fedoriv-Fred-- Russian Blue
Tsar Blu Zenaide of Prairie Home-Russian Blue
Prairie Home Zaina-Russian Blue
Prairie Home Zeta-Russian Blue
Prairie Home Azure-Russian Blue
Mr.Shady BluMan of Prairie Home-Russian Blue
Zoe of Prairie Home-Russian Blue
Zara of Prairie Home-Russian Blue
Bonnie Blue of Prairie Home-Russian Blue
Belle Blue Star of Hope of Prairie Home-Russian Blue

Southern Belle-Burmese
Toffee of Prairie Home-Burmese
Nixabillie Crystal of Prairie Home-Burmese
Okeydokey Iceman of Prairie Home-Burmese
Romanie of Prairie Home-Burmese

The cats are listed here to be honored. They are gone from this earthly life but not forgotten.