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About the cats!!
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This is where we will talk a bit more about the different breeds of cats that we
have and their personalities.

We raise Burmese, and Russian Blue  cats and kittens.  The Burmese come in the colors of blue, platinum, sable and
champagne.  The Russian Blue are only in blue.

All of these breeds that we raise are very much people friendly.    Our friendliest breed is the Burmese.  They have never met a lap that they did not like.  Also the Russian Blue are about as friendly.  However they take time to get used to you.  .
You won't go wrong with either of these two breeds as a pet.  They are all great cats to have.

We accept deposits on kittens to hold the kittens until they are
ready to go to their new homes.
We do not refund the deposits given on the kittens.


A good place to hide!!!


This is a Russian Blue kitten.  She is around 7 weeks old.  Her parents are Grand Champion Prairie Home Zachariah and CH Prairie Home Keturah.

We try to place all of our kittens and cats in loving homes where we know that they will be well taken care of.  Occasionally we have retired adults who will be looking for a new home as well.


Foods that we feed our cats are Iams dry food.  We have found that this food is very healthy to our animals.  We also give a treat of canned food once in awhile.

Our kittens are given their kitten shots  before they are allowed to go to
their new homes.  We give shots at 3 weeks, 6 weeks and 9 weeks.
Our cats are all tested for Feline leukemia and also vaccinated for it as well.