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Prairie Home Cattery

Here are  pictures of some of our wonderful cats from
Prairie Home Cattery.

Prairie Home Coin Silver
Russian Blue female

Coin Silver is queen of all she surveys. She is her own cat in that she decides when she wants attention and affection. But most of the time she is open to attention. Coin Silver's parents are Prairie Home Katrina and Kitkatkorner Sterling Silver.

Prairie Home Shimmering Pearl (Pearl)
Platinum Burmese female

Prairie Home Lady Zia
Grand Champion

Zia is a very affectionate and loving cat. Her favorite thing to do is to be admired and bumping your hand as she strikes poses. She loves everyone!
She is the daughter of Prairie Home Zachariah and Memere-Pata Lady. Both parents are grand champions as is their daughter Zia.

Grand Champion Prairie Home's Fedoriv

Prairie Home Federov is our first Russian Blue grand champion.  He is also the
2nd best alter in the South Central Region in ACFA for the year of 2001.
His father is Mr. Shady Blu Man of Prairie Home and his mother is Nodet's
Bonnie Blue of Prairie Home.
Freddie has a wonderful personality and loves everyone.  He especially loves to go to shows and ride around in the car with us.  We have spoiled him rotten.
Fred passed away on June 16, 2007.  We miss him terribly

Prairie Home Alexa Victoria

Prairie Home Alexa Victoria

Prairie Home Alexa Victoria or Lexie as we call her is a sable Burmese female. Her mother is Okeydokey Victoria or Torie of Prairie Home and her father is Casper of Prairie Home. Lexie is a sweet girl and we look forward to great kittens from her. She loves people food and hangs around the kitchen looking for handouts. We do not recommend people food for our cats, but she thinks that we should.


Grand Champion Tsar Blu's Zenaide of Prairie Home

Zenaide is a kitten that we received from her breeder Donna Fuller.  Her father is Grand Champion, National Winner, and Regional Winner Tsar Blu's
Ziggy Tsardust.  Her mother is Bleuchip's Debi Field of Tsar Blu.  We thank Donna Fuller very much for this wonderful cat.
Zenaide has a very pleasing personality and loves people of all sorts.  She is
most contented sitting on a lap being loved.

Grand Champion Prairie Home Zaina
Russian Blue

Zaina is the daughter of Tsar Blu's Zenaide and Mamere Pata's
Vanechka Yarkov of Kitkatkorner.  She is a grand champion.
She is another special cat having come from Grand Champion bloodlines on both sides of her pedigree.  She is a love to show and knows no strangers. 
We are looking forward to kittens from her who will carry the same
great looks and temperment.
Zaina passed away April 8, 2008.  She is greatly missed.  Rest in peace, Zaina.

Prairie Home Azure
Azure passed away in 2010 and has left an empty spot in our hearts.


Okeydokey Christian of Prairie Home

Okeydokey Christian of Prairie Home or Christian as we call him gives a total meaning to the phrase that describes the Burmese- the ultimate lap cat. He is very much the lap cat and has a wonderful personality. He loves to lick on the face. We are looking forward to seeing what kittens he will produce.

Grand Champion Prairie Home Zachariah

Zachariah or Zach as we know him is the son of Tsar Blu's Zenaide of Prairie Home and Memere-Pata Yarkov Vanechka. 
He granded at the young age of 8 months old and is now a wonderful sire of some kittens who are sweet as he is. Zach passed away at the age of 15 years August 22, 2019. We miss him so very much. Love you Zackie.

Prairie Home Jianna
Jianna passed away in 2013. She is missed by her owner very much.

Grand Champion Prairie Home Zander Blue

Zander Blue is our grand champion.  He granded in November 2008.
His mother is Champion Prairie Home Zeta and his father is Mr. Shady Blu Man of Prairie Home.  His grandmother is Grand Champion Tsar Blue's Zenaide of Prairie Home and Grand Champion Memere Pata Yarkov of Kitkatkorner.
Zander is a very sweet boy.